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BMCC sends our thoughts and prayers to the students, staff and community at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg as they cope with the tragic events of October 1, 2015.

Inclement Weather Information


BMCC Students and Community,

The winter season is upon us.  BMCC would like to make sure that you understand where you can find information should inclement weather require that class and business operations be altered at any of our locations.

The most instantaneous and accurate source for information about BMCC’s response to the weather will be found by utilizing Flash Alert.  Flash Alert is a service available to you for free

When a decision is made at the college, BMCC staff will contact Flash Alert which will send out the information in multiple ways:

  • Media (local radio, television and newspapers from every eastern Oregon and eastern Washington community-a full list of these stations and publications is available at the Flash Alert website),
  • Your Email (that you will set up through the Flash Alert website) and,
  • Smart Phone Alert (Flash Alert’s mobile application) if you have that capability.

The information will also be posted:

  • On the BMCC website at,
  • The BMCC Main Phone Line Message (541-276-1260).The message will reflect any change due to the weather
  • Social Media utilized by the college (currently Facebook and Twitter) will include the information.

Additionally we are working to try to send messages through E-Companion for an additional layer of communication. 

So, please get prepared for winter weather messages from BMCC.  Start by setting up your Flash Alert account at

The following link contains has step-by-step instructions on it to help you through the process.

Go to:

A file with these same steps is also attached to this email.

Note – You can include up to three emails on your Flash Alert account so that multiple members of your family get the same message you do about BMCC and any other agency Flash Alert serves.


BMCC Student Affairs

Anne Livingston