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BMCC Administration

Cam Preus (2013) 
Cumberland Junior College
A.S., Cumberland Junior College
M.S., Tennessee State University
Ed.D., Oregon State University   

Casey White-Zollman (2015) 
Vice President, Public Relations 
B.S., University of Portland  

Diane Drebin (2014) 
Vice President, Student Affairs 
A.A., Clackamas Community College 
A.G.S., Clackamas Community College 
B.A., Marylhurst College 
M.S. Portland State University 

Mary Jeanne Kuhar, MD (2016)
Vice President, Instruction
M.D., University of Pittsburgh
B.S., West Virginia Wesleyan College

Tammie Parker (1989) 
Vice President Administrative Services
B.S., Eastern Oregon University  

Brad Holden (1989) 
Associate Vice President, Information Technology 
A.A.O.T., Blue Mountain Community College 

Celeste Inkso (2012) 
Associate Vice President, Finance and Business Operations 
B.S., Eastern Oregon University 

John Thomas (2012) 
Associate Vice President, Corrections Education
A.A., Blue Mt Community College
B.S., Eastern Oregon University
M. Ed, Eastern Oregon University  

Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness 

Carl Melle (2016)
Dean, CTE and Community Education
B.A., Westminster College
M.S. Ed, Duquesne University

Ralph Murphy II (2017)
Dean, Student Development & Success
Ed.D., National American University
M.O.L., Lourdes University
B.S., University of Toledo

The college is organized within six organizational areas:

(Updated 8/1/2016)